Over the period of last few years the technology has changed drastically, which has helped every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more. And this has been possible with a constant effort of collaboration to each other with continuous learning, leveraging experiences and infusing in to the growing process.

“Knowledge is the only tool of production, which is not the subject to diminishing returns”.

As we have grown stupendously, and evolving rapidly with more productivity and efficiency; it is my small effort to create this blog to share my learning and learn from all your experiences.

Being Dynamics 365 professional, my blog is focused towards how Microsoft Dynamics business applications can help communities to attain the desired business objectives.

All Blog posts and samples in this site reflecting my personal views and opinions. Those views and opinions are solely mine and doesn’t represent the views or opinions of my employer(s), clients, associates or Microsoft.

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FedEx Utility

FedEx utility is a solution built on top of Dynamics 365 CE which seamlessly integrate Dynamics 365 CE with FedEx without any code. It lets business users create outbound shipments and track incoming shipments right within Dynamics 365 CE. Users… Continue Reading →

Heuristic Approach for Customer Experience Management (CXM)

Heuristic Approach for Customer Experience Management (CXM)

Digital Transformation using Dynamics 365

Digital transformation using Dynamics 365

Telecom to Spark: A journey of customer experience

Telecom to Spark: A journey of customer experience

Speech to text: An excellent potential feature for the salesforce on the move

Yes, speech to text is a great potential feature of Dynamics 365 CE. I just did the PoC and it was amazing to see how voice memos can be converted to text using Azure cognitive services in real time. Of-course,… Continue Reading →

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