There has been a direction from Microsoft to use real-time marketing for implementations unless there is an absolute need for outbound marketing. That means the focus of the product roadmap is to bring all the functionalities in outbound marketing into real-time marketing.


The result optimization has been observed into action where in Microsoft is now moving all the insights (outbound and real-time) into Microsoft managed data lake.


Therefore below are some considerations and limitations when you extract insights from Dynamics 365 Marketing.

  • The format of the files in the Microsoft Managed Data Lake is in preview and can change with upcoming releases
  • The interaction information within the Microsoft Managed Data Lake is stored in JSON files.
  • The SAS token to connect to Managed Data Lake is valid for 1 hour. The sample code provided includes the functionality to generate a new token at every execution. If the execution of the copy takes more than hour it will cause an error on the console. Please review the Read Me file for updates on the sample code.

In the other context, there are questions, and concerns from a lot of customers about their requirements meeting in outbound marketing or real-time marketing. Below is the link that can be leveraged to learn more about the customer journey orchestration features in Dynamics 365 Real-time marketing.

Please read Nishant Rana’s blog about key points to move Marketing environments.