Over the period of last few years the technology has changed drastically, which has helped every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more. And this has been possible with a constant effort of collaboration to each other with continuous learning, leveraging experiences and infusing in to the growing process.

“Knowledge is the only tool of production, which is not the subject to diminishing returns”.

As we have grown stupendously, and evolving rapidly with more productivity and efficiency; it is my small effort to create this blog to share my learning and learn from all your experiences.

Being Dynamics 365 professional, my blog is focused towards how Microsoft Dynamics business applications can help communities to attain the desired business objectives.

All Blog posts and samples in this site reflecting my personal views and opinions. Those views and opinions are solely mine and doesn’t represent the views or opinions of my employer(s), clients, associates or Microsoft.

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Design considerations and best practices of EDI implementation in Dynamics 365

Implementing electronic-data-interchange (EDI) is really the most basic step on the road to the digitalization of the company’s supply chain. It is, however, an important one because if the information and the method of transmission are not up to par… Continue Reading →

How the government policies may impact the cost of logistics and improve the supply chain?

Recently, I read a wonderful article on #mint about “How the new warehousing policy will transform India’s logistics.” It is quite interesting to know that, The government has proposed a new warehousing policy that will set the roadmap for the… Continue Reading →

SCM: How supply chain works during cash flows disruptions? – The Greensill Debacle

The Story Picture this. You own a supermarket, but you’re running short of cash. You have to stock new items, but your suppliers are seeking better payment terms. They’re expecting you to come through. But business isn’t booming and you… Continue Reading →

How to license Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations when you have custom security roles?

Microsoft is moving very fast towards power platform, that means business applications are app based and users use what they consume. Microsoft has recently changed the licensing model which lets organizations to purchase licenses based on the app they want… Continue Reading →

Mystery of inventory reservations in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

How to configure and manage automatic reservations for various scenarios

Product life-cycle management in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Product life-cycle management in Dynamics 365 finance and operations

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